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July 19, 2020;

It will be July 19, 2020. I started taking camo stout mesylate last night. It will be a self-made human experiment.

The room echoed with sometihing like a ghost ‘s laughter.
Everyone is creepy

My thought and action patterns, so pattern of thinking and behavior pattern, behavioral pattern or a pattern of action are,all violate the Pharmaceutical Law, That will be a violation of pharmaceutical laws , so s likely to constitute a violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan.

Since last night, I’ve been taking one tablet of camostow mesylate, a proteolytic enzyme inhibitor that interferes with the process of cell invasion of some virus, one of the serine proteolytic enzymes.
The reason for this is that I have a routine physical exam.
On top of that, it was inevitable that I would be infected and exposed in the train station and on the train during the daily morning rush to work.
If this final operation fails, the human race will become an endangered species. We will be wiped out at an early stage.
And then there’s the haphazard, unknown ingredients and no pharmacological mechanism of action of any kind, Chinese medicines, herbal medicines, and We have to rely on herbal medicine. I’m investigating the route to get them now.

So far, no change in symptoms. Same. The same morbid symptoms are observed. There is no appreciable effect for trying my original COVID-19 treatment.

July 20, 2020;

Today’s Well known Catch phrase:
“Whatever you say, you’re loser. Anyone won’t listen to~anyone won’t listen no matter what you say, No matter what you say, you’re just going to sound like a sore loser. Whatever you say, it’s going to sound like sour grapes. “


The characteristics of this COVID-19 disease are There are differences according to each individual, the death, How to die,

of an infected person is different for each person.
Results may vary. Individual results may vary.
Finally, HIV. so, you all died of AIDS, sepsis, cirrhosis due to chronic hepatitis, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, or cancer. You will die sooner or later,

probably, …. within 5 years.

Every time I wake up in the morning, I can be asymptomatic for several hours. I don’t understand why. The possibility of being hidden somewhere inside the body cannot be denied. I say it many times, but there is no fever. Howeber, Pain in the pharynx and pain elsewhere Continuously for some months. The cause is unknown.

Although I am working as an electrical and mechanical expert, but
I used to work in a graduate school for the molecular biology,and immunology
and work on the treatment of cancer and dementia.
So, I have some knowledge in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at a public graduate school, not Virology
However, nowadays, even though I do not have a license from a doctor in any country, I voluntarily volunteer for medical assistance like Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) , the Doctors Without Borders, WHO, UNICEF and the United Nations,
I do it as a complete illegal act, and are actively engaged.
These actions are a complete violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and a crime.
However, because the world is at an emergency level, it ignores the government and is anonymous, and special operation, mission.
Therefore, we do not recommend this treatment to others. We are working to stop the growth of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on this world.
If possible, I would like to submit a paper at a later date.
In order to prevent the spread of infection in this whole world, it is at the stage of the level where a large amount of donations and donations are needed in the world, such as securing drugs and import/export procedures.
It is completely different from the Japan peoples’s thought & movement pattern peculiar to the Japan, which is completely irrelevant, regardless of what happens to other people, as long as they are well and have no symptoms, they can laugh even if they die, even if they are killed. I will.
Right now, I am self-employed by volunteers like Doctors Without Borders, WHO, UNICEF and the UN, even though I do not have a doctor’s license from any country. It’s completely different from the thought pattern of a Japanese person, who doesn’t care what happens to someone else, even if he/she kills someone else with the help of oneself.
The challenge with caliber administration of camostau tomesylate is how to maintain blood levels.
“Even when tampering with 100 mg and 200 mg of camo stout mesylate was tampered with, it peaked 1 hour after the oral administration.
A beak lasts 1 to 2 hours, and there seems to be a proportional relationship depending on the dose taken.
In both cases, the blood cell concentration is considered to peak around 100 mg. This is a treatment for chronic pancreatitis. Original mechanism of action is different.
This time, the purpose is to inhibit the growth of new corovirus infections. It may be possible to maintain the blood cell concentration with only 100 mg a day for at most 5 or 6 hours, but I think that the occurrence of mutations can be significantly suppressed.”
If possible, it may be safer to administer 200 mg or more once a day, but since it is completely unknown how the virus behaves, we are currently conducting research.
However, it is necessary to continue taking it daily. It was thought that if, after about six months, the blood concentration of camostaut mesylate increased to a certain level at a certain minimum level, it could be controlled at a stable altitude in the blood.
After that, the key is how to activate the primary immunity of the immune system, which is suppressed by the new corovirus. Ivermectin needs to be ingested in large amounts and purification is time-consuming.
As long-term administration may cause serious side effects, we are searching for Chinese medicines, Chinese medicines, and herbal medicines with unknown ingredients in Chinese medicine , which ‘s because those weren’t making any sense, and weren’t being clear.The active ingredient is unknown. I don’t know at all if the ingredient works effectively.But,It makes perfect sense.and doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make any sense.
ingredients in Chinese medicine with a noble thought pattern that relies on an accidental discovery.
Next times,
We are going to develop a route to get these at the lowest possible price.


July 21, 2020;

3 days after the start of camostaut mesylate administration,
Today, no significant therapeutic effect was observed,


July 22, 2020;

Under heavy fire, but I don’t know yet,
It’s getting worse, I may give up, it’ mean the end of the line, the end of the world.
repeat again,

It has been 3 days since I’ve started administering medication in the form of oral doses of Camostaut mesylate. but no therapeutic effect is observed, nothing, don’t see any effect.

There is nothing to do, and I’m at my wits’ end, so have no solutions. There can be no answer to this problem,
do not be making any sense, not all being clear.


July 22, 2020;

Again and again, the main feature of this disease is the phenomenon of subclinical infection.
The individual differences in the symptoms are very large.
In my case, I have no symptoms for a few hours after waking up in the morning.
Whether this is related to the activity of the latent virus, or whether there is any other organized medical mechanism, cannot be explained in the current medical science.
For the time being, I would like to develop a treatment method that suppresses the cytotoxicity as much as possible to suppress the growth of Will, and explore whether there is a crude drug such as Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine that normalizes the temporary immune response.

Regarding the effect of suppressing the growth of virus by the caliber administration of extremely small amount of ‎Camostat Mesilate/ 300mg/a day, the examination of prevention, I have started to administer ‎Camostat Mesilate by caliber, but no change is observed in the condition. That is, there is no therapeutic effect so far. “

July 27, 2020;

More than 8 days (192 hours) have passed since the start of the clinical trial of camostau mesylate. If there is an intelligent life form in posterity, I decided to leave information so that I could understand what this unknown phenomenon is. In other words, I have left the scientific papers on molecular biology, medicine and pharmacy. It is decided that it will be a bridge until a new antiviral drug or special technology is developed in the future.

Although it is still in the draft stage, before submitting the papers related to medical biohazard and bioscience to Nature etc., I published the preprinted paper on bioRxiv as soon as possible.

Scientific paper:To start COVID-19 pathogen-eradicating mission in an earlier stage.2020.07.26

 containing an excerpt of a ‘papar

https://submit.biorxiv.orgStrategies for establishing and responding to UN forces regarding military operations to destroy unknown enemies on a planetary scale
https://submit.biorxiv.orgStrategies for establishing and responding to UN forces regarding military operations to destroy unknown enemies on a planetary scale

We wanted to provide scientists around the world with our research for free and show the evidence of recent research. Accelerate treatment to stop the growth of pathogens of new coronavirus COVID-19infections from academic operators and collaborative candidates. This is to stop the invasion of planets before increasing lethality from virus-based enemy attacks. Government funding is required for this planet-level operation. Probably more than a UN contribution. The results of this research are open source. Please use it immediately for other people regardless of United Nations, nationality, or institution.Over

July 29, 2020;

Continued oral administration, but no improvement in pathological symptoms was observed.
In the future, I will plan to take Chinese medicine together, and see if drug combination therapy improves my COVID-19 symptoms.


August 3, 2020;

Actually, about 2 weeks have passed since the administration of Camostat Mesilate(100mg×3/day), no prescription by a medical doctor which is a Illegal drug, started, but since the symptoms of COVID-19 corovirus infection do not improve at all, from noon on August 1, 2020. Administration of the Illegal drug Chinese medicine which has been purchased from the original acquisition channel, and the administration of Camostat Mesilate was also started, so started in combination. The ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine are unknown, and I don’t know at all.

It’s just a quick stop-and-go unplanned means, by guesswork, I play it by ear, “No choice but to leave it to the chance.”

However, after taking the Chinese medicinal medication, the symptoms of nausea were observed the next day. Therefore, Aldioxa, a therapeutic agent for gastritis and peptic ulcer, and Domperidone, a gastrointestinal motility improving agent, were administered in a hurry. In other words, the extracted components were toxic. As of August 3, 2020, this combination therapy has no effect on the symptoms of the new type of corovirus infection. We are continuing to observe whether the double-dose administration of Camostat Mesilate and Chinese medicine improves the symptoms of COVID-19 corovirus infection.

Chinese Medicine


August 7, 2020;

Send a signal when you die. Please contact me once before you die, and it is a proof that you lived as a human being as a charity to the last your happy holidays, “Saigo” at Japan language.

I’m not an alien in the movie, but at a higher level,
I want to tell you that a message like a golden record of an unmanned planetary explorer is a danger zone that can never be approached to future intelligent life forms as a will

When you die, send something as promised a signal as promised. With the feeling that you become an evil spirit and curse someone or bring something to the world
Contact details:

Treatment is continuing. Please subscribe and see the details from here.
The name of the clinical trial is the final project, and the project name is “stop the invasion of planetary invasion-level enemies.”
Details will be published in the scientific paper as soon as possible.

This symptom is not consistent in multiple items such as age of occurrence, place of occurrence and time of occurrence. Rather, it is a mess and only random statistical data can be obtained. It relies on a makeshift, guesswork, and random probability distribution. We cannot predict the future. In other words, vaccine development is impossible.
A strong headache remains after a nap. The reason is unknown and mysterious. It may be latent in the central nervous system and ganglia in the body.
May be linked to neural network and central nervous activity. It seems to be destroying the circulatory system such as the heart, blood vessels, airways and lungs, and makes humans lose their physical strength. In other words, in the next few years, they will get stuck and their intelligence and thinking level will drop, after which animals will be annihilated on a planet-by-planet basis.
It seems that different people have different periods and times of no symptoms.

Individual differences are very high. I think this is because the pathogen has a disorganized and disorganized structure. Moreover, it seems that spike protein modification, glycation, and glycoxylation are related to the tendency of fat white people to become more severe.
In summary, various studies range from weeks to several months from infection to early symptoms, and some cases are completely asymptomatic. The only explanation for this is that it is latent in the body as a chronic hepatitis infection of HIV type.
In other words, everyone is dead.
However, some people are living asymptomatic for decades even if they are infected with HIV or hepatitis virus.
However, the pathogen of this new type of COVID-19 corovirus infection seems to have become malignant to shorten the lifespan of people.
Perhaps it will be as long as a rabbit. After the infection, he will develop Ebola hemorrhagic fever and AIDS-like symptoms in the next three years and will die immediately within 24 hours.
All the research data tells us that it is a factual and realistic story.
If the medical statistic of mortality applies to this phenomenon. Because there is no fatality rate in HIV, cancer, and Alzheimer’s dementia.

August 10, 2020;

Unfortunately, there was no clear therapeutic effect according to the results of the clinical drug trial of the combination therapy of camostat mesylate and Chinese medicine, For the treatment of pathological symptoms of mild or moderate infections or subclinical infections.

What the pathogen is still a mystery, but probably because it is latent in the cell, there is no method or drug to treat it with modern medicine. Also, it remains unknown because there is no way to test it because I do not know how many uninfected people still exist.