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International Conference for the Peoples, human race for the all of the world

We believe that psychosensitivity and telepathy are unconsciously transmitting and sharing confidential human information to an invisible and unknown enemy from countries around the world, and we are collecting information to investigate the effects of this phenomenon on society.


First Contact Level1:USA(アメリカ合衆国大統領宛て)

From the other day, I entered into a telepath investigation into the United States and Britain, which were the first to be attacked by a mysterious plague.先日より、謎の疫病で真っ先に攻撃を受けたアメリカとイギリスにテレパスの調査に入りました。

アメリカ合衆国 US

英国 EU

全米 USA


Today, we have entered the first stage of a telepath survey in the entire neighboring country of the People's Republic of China, which is unclear and unknown.2020.5.28

Today we are in the early stages of investigating the social impact of Telepath on Brazil, a mysterious and mysterious infectious disease.2020.5.28

Starting today, we are investigating Telepaths in Hong Kong


Starting today, we have begun researching Telepaths in Hong Kong with the following content:

There are many people who sense the ego of the other person, that is, their experiences and thoughts such as mind and thought. Those people can target only certain people. Apart from the phenomenon of empathy, I feel like a psychic phenomenon.
How about that? Is such a phenomenon in your country causing abuse or social problems?

Starting today, we have begun researching telepaths in Taiwan, which is adjacent to Japan

本日より、日本に隣接する台湾でのテレパスの調査を開始しました 2020.5.27

Starting today, we are investigating the effects of telepaths in less populated Canada. 2020.5.28/ The country is as wide as the United States, but the population of about 30 million is more concentrated in some areas than the United States, but the welfare, education, and economic levels are stable, and the social distance is quite wide. is.

本日より、人口密集地でないカナダにおけるテレパスの影響について調査を開始しました。2020.5.28/ 国土はアメリカと同レベルと広大であるも人口3000万人程度は何部アメリカよりに集中していますが福祉や教育、経済レベルも安定しており、ソーシャルジスタンスはかなり広い状態です。

Today, on June 7, 2020, I entered a telepath test level survey in Singapore. Singapore is an island city-state south of Malaysia that has become a global financial center. The climate is tropical. The situation in Southeast Asian countries is unknown.


Today, on June 7, I entered a telepath study in Australia in the Southern Hemisphere, where infection with the novel coronavirus infection was not yet affected.


Today, on June 7th, I went to Germany for an initial survey of Telepaths. Other European situations are unknown


Today, on June 7th, we have entered the first stage as a large-scale survey to identify the true nature of Telepath in France.



Starting today, we have started a survey of telepaths in Taiwan with the following contents.

There are many people who sense the ego of the other person, that is, their experiences and thoughts such as mind and thought. Those people can target only certain people. Apart from the phenomenon of empathy, I feel like a psychic phenomenon.
How about that? Is such a phenomenon in your country causing abuse or social problems?

For Japanese people only, since last year there are no more questions about Satrare, and the situation has suddenly changed and ended as if nothing had happened. When I traced the past logs, the site started around 200 years ago and I had consultations on a daily basis, but now it’s 0, as everyone started to move together. it’s incomprehensible. This is Japan. As always, it can be said that it is a race that has a constitution to conceal together.












I would like to know the telephone consultation counter of the Psychological Response Committeeサトラレ対策委員会の電話相談窓口を知りたい


Is it true that tests such as PCR of new coronavirus are full of false positives or false negatives?新型コロナウイルスのPCR検査って意味あるんですか?


A: Go to hell !、 Son of a Bitch (糞やろう)、 Fuck you! (しね)、 Fuck off! (ウザイ消えろ)、「うっとうしいから消えろこのクソやろう、早くしね!」と言いたいとき、おすすめは、 Fuck you! Son of a Bitch Go to hell ! です

What is the outlook for the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, and is there a high possibility that children will still have a stillbirth?



According to the data collected at the Center for Research and Development Strategy against Satralee, the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) belongs to Group IV – single-stranded RNA + strand (acting as mRNA), and the genome itself acts as mRNA to produce viral proteins. Single-stranded plus-stranded RNA viruses replicate in the cytoplasm with their own RNA-dependent RNA polymerase to produce viral proteins through intact translation of viral genomic RNA. Single-stranded +-stranded RNA viruses can function as mRNAs in the genome itself. Interestingly, there are asymptomatic infected people who are infected but do not develop the disease. There are genes that control viral infections and disease, and COVID-19 has such a phenomenon. Coronaviruses have the largest known RNA genome of 32 kb in length and are said to possess replication calibration mechanisms, such as exoribonucleases, that other RNA viruses do not possess, but this constitutive mechanism may be defective in COVID-19. Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology have also discovered that a new coronavirus has an HIV (AIDS virus) protein inserted into it. It also “suggests that you can’t acquire immunity if you’re infected,” a Chinese o

Chinese officials explained that aerosol infections are transmitted when droplets containing a new coronavirus become fine particles in the air and are flown further away with the air currents, which are then inhaled. This means that the new virus is capable of long-distance transmission. I think this aerosol infection reflects the ability of the new coronavirus to transmit.

I’m guessing that authorities have found that tens or even hundreds of meters and even farther distances can transmit this virus to other people.

It is highly contagious from human to human. It is during the incubation period of this virus that it can be transmitted to others. In the case of common viral infections, it is only after the symptoms appear that the disease is transmitted to other people. That’s because when symptoms appear, the virulence of the virus in the body is at its peak, so it’s possible to transmit it to a person.
The new coronavirus is transmitted to others within the incubation period.

Anti-HIV drug fails to work in clinical trials by Chinese doctors
March 19, 2020, 11:23 PM

Researchers affiliated with the University of Delhi and the Indian Institute of Science and Technology in India published a research paper in bioRxiv titled “Strange similarities found between a unique insertion sequence in the spinous process protein of the 2019 new coronavirus and the HIV-1 dp120 and Gag proteins of the AIDS virus.

Simply put, they compared the sequences of the spinous process proteins of the new coronavirus and the SARS virus and found that there were four new insertion sequences in the spinous process proteins of the new coronavirus compared to the SARS virus. They then compared the four insertions to sequences in the database and found that both four insertions were in the protein sequence of the AIDS virus.

After being cured of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 in South Korea, former patients who had been quarantined were reexamined, and signs of recurrence were found in 91 people, Yonhap News reported on Friday (10) based on information from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They believe it is likely that the virus, once in the body, has been reactivated.

The new coronavirus lurks in some tissues of the body and reactivates over time, causing the

In the case of Avigan, it is uninsured.

On February 21, 2017, Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Department of Disease Control (Chinese version) (Taiwan CDC) announced that it had released imported favipiravir for a patient with drug-resistant H7N9 subtype influenza infection [17][18]. On the 27th of the same month, the patient died of multiple organ failure .

In general, favipiravir was found to be clearly therapeutic for Ebola hemorrhagic fever at the level of mouse experiments, but survival was found to be strongly dependent on the timing of medication initiation, with the difference between life and death being 100% at days 6 and 8 after infection.

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インドのデリー大学とインド理工学院に所属する研究者たちが、bioRxivで「2019新型コロナウイルスの棘突起タンパク質に含まれる独特な挿入配列とエイズウイルスのHIV-1 dp120、Gagタンパク質との間で見られる奇妙な相似性」という研究論文を発表した。






We will keep a record on the new Coronauille. It’s April 27th, 2020. Research on SARS-CoV-2, a pathogen, has been conducted at the world level. However, there is no good news.
Breaking news! The latest coronavirus study reveals that the virus has a mutated gene similar to HIV and is 1,000 times more potent.
The combined findings of the three studies indicate that HIV-like mutations may make the ability to bind human cells 1,000 times more potent than the early SARS virus in 2003. A must read that shows the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has a mutated gene found in the HIV virus as well, one that mediates the ACE2 receptor in the human cell membrane! Studies have shown that COVID-19 attacks the hemoglobin in red blood cells, making them unable to transport oxygen. The current medical protocols could be all wrong! More than 50% of clinically recovered Covid-19 patients are still infected with the SARS-Cov-2 virus in a new non-peer-reviewed study published in the open platform MedRvix, in which the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus may have evolved or mutated into different strains with different modes of attack or binding to human host cells, and different infections in patients with different symptoms and effects.,000-times-more-potent-
Research and development of the latest coronaviruses

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