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From WHO, Last request
I have something to ask for. It’s not difficult, there are many Invaders in the world who have acquired a ghostly constitution like a haunted house, and I want to kill them all.
Japanese people are the cause of all disasters and want to kill over all of the world at the earth level.
If you come up with a good day,Send a signal when you die. It is a proof that you have been contacted by emergency call once before you die, and that you lived as a human being as a charity in the last life stories.
Most importantly,
It costs nothing and is free. However, before dying, please be sure to press the button exactly as proof that you have been born in this world, do not press the cancel button by mistake. Ichiban is important.
If you are a real human, to measure the remaining number of humans on earth
I’m looking at the remaining real number of real human race on this planet.
Click “Subscribe”. not Cancel button
not forget double click and check it again.

I’m not an alien in the movie, but at a higher level, it’s a hypocenter that is not dangerous.
As the United Nations, I would like to tell, convey that the message like the golden record of the unmanned planetary explorer is the most dangerous planetary zone in this universe that can never approach future intelligent life forms as a will.
When you die, send something as promised a signal as promised.
I’m asking you to transmit a signal with the feeling that you will become an evil spirit and curse someone or bring something to this world, disaster, I will tell you the target picture, please forgive me God !
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