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Next Generation monitaring system

ECDC – US:Johns Hopkins University, EU: World Map Counter in World Map and Human living Real Time Measured Breeding Counter for Earth Invaders and Telepaths System on the earth(アメリカ疾病予防管理センター(CDC)と欧州疾病予防管理センター(ECDC)、地球人類斟酌者の生息数リアルタイムカウンター)
Records recorded for interrestrial life
Temporary immune system activation

■Real-time numerical values ​​by analyzing statistics from information obtained from UN agencies, World Bank, and other international organizations and building original algorithms

Today is the 13th of May in 2020.
I wake up in the morning very lazy, but it’s inexplicable and creepy to be able to go about my life as usual until the time limit.
The Japanese government has stopped conducting clinical trials of materials in the research stage, a form of warping and tying clinical trials. This is a similar formula to President Trump’s drug development, hence the name, Operation Warp.
Recently, the U.S. government sent the anti-Ebola drug Remdesivir free of charge as an emergency measure to hasten approval of the treatment.
For approval of new coronavirus drugs and test kits, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has set out guidelines that require submission of clinical trial data, which was required at the time of application, once a certain level of efficacy and safety has been confirmed in studies conducted at public expense.
Several treatments are currently being studied as candidates, including Avigan, which is in research and clinical trials, but if submitted before the end of the clinical trial, which can take months, early approval would be possible.
In particular, Japan has been focusing on the development of a DNA vaccine against this pathogen, which is unheard of, but it is expected that we will know the results of whether or not it can be used as a vaccine as early as this summer.
Prime Minister Abe has stated that he aims to approve Abigan by the end of this month, in May this year, as an emergency measure.
It will mimic the Trump administration in America. Japan has become a regime that is like a henchman of the US.
On the contrary, they haven’t lost their attitude that they don’t care what happens because they don’t care about other countries.
The decision to take emergency measures to administer the drug on the study directly to patients without clinical trials has been reached.
Research on the pathogens is underway, but it is still unclear and there is much we don’t know.
It means that there is no longer anything the Japanese government can do about it.
The Japanese government is reportedly developing a DNA vaccine on its own in collaboration with universities.
This technology is a further application of the development of RNA vaccines in the United States.
A cell-binding protein on the surface of the virus, called a spike protein, is said to be injected as a vaccine with a psuasmid containing a DNA fragment containing genetic information, but the detailed physiological mechanism is not well understood.
The extent to which transfection, the introduction of plasmids into all the cells of the body, has progressed in Japan, the United States and other countries is confidential.
To date, I’ve never heard of a successful genetic vaccine.
The pathogen of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is apparently a type of coronavirus, 2019-nCoV. I don’t know if this is true or not, but the results of the genetic analysis from the sampling of pathogens suggest that coronaviruses are involved.
There is no effective treatment for this virus. This virus differs from common coronaviruses in that it is specific and may have mutated and disrupted the calibration mechanism of RNA polymerase. Therefore, it seems that mutants are created in the body through repeated mutations. However, there is currently no difference in the level of infectivity or lethality.
It is also possible that this virus, once infected, can lodge somewhere in the body and become a chronic form of infection.
In this case, it is necessary to continue taking proliferation-reducing drugs from birth to life.
Avigan and favipiravir, which the Japanese government is distributing free of charge to developing countries ahead of the rest of the world, are RNA-dependent RNA polymerase inhibitors (development code: T-705, chemical formula: C5H4FN3O2, ChemSpider ID: 431002, PubChem CID: 492405, ChEBI ID: 134722), which have been pointed out as side effects that may cause some mutants and deformed babies when administered regardless of gender. Animal studies have confirmed that mutants can be born.
As for the DNA vaccine, if a plasmid could be introduced into the human body as a vector with a retrovirus, etc., the unborn child would probably become a Mutant X. I don’t know what kind of life form it will be or what it will be.
Good luck! anyway,with that.

The COVID-19 treatment project is in effect, click here for the special page. A scenario in which innate immunity to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) virus is restored.