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Request the WHO to cooperate with us because we need to verify the facts.2020/05/24(日本人がしている心霊現象ことの記録)



It’s now May 24, 2020. A puzzling aspect of the new type of coronavirus infection, COVID-19, is the presence of asymptomatic patients. This means that children under the age of 30, especially those under the age of 10, are the source of the infection. Despite the growth of the virus in their bodies, they live asymptomatically without any signs of morbidity. In any case, I have noticed that there are certain stages in the symptoms of the new coronavirus infection. The first first stage is a sore throat. She began coughing around the end of March, and this became a symptom after March 11. After that, the symptoms of shortness of breath are seen in April for about a month. In other words, it’s suffocating. A common phenomenon is a decrease in blood oxygen concentration. The main reason is viral pneumonia. There is no cure. There are reports that the virus inhibits the oxygen binding of hemoglobin in red blood cells. As much as possible at home, you have no choice but to rest and sleep. Symptomatic treatment with an anionic oxygen generator and palliative care as recommended by the center is strongly recommended. Every day, the stifling, near-choking state begins at 4:20 p.m. It feels like a very puzzling phenomenon. It is more likely to be a chronic infection. Here’s what we know from the new coronavirus outbreak That is, the 2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV-2 virus is closely linked to the phenomenon of aging in animals. In the future, developing a vaccine for these 2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV-2 viruses could extend life expectancy slightly by inhibiting aging to some extent. It is also very strange and puzzling that this pathogen has different timing for pandemics and biohazardous biohazards in different regions. It feels as if it is drifting around in the atmosphere like a ghost. First China, then the United States and all of Europe, then all of Russia, and now Africa and South America are devastated. Rather, in other words, it becomes covered with asymptomatic infected people rather than devastated. This can only be thought of as a plan to invade the earth by an unseen and unknown enemy. Once infected, blood flow is compromised. In other words, a variety of vascular diseases such as a stroke in the near future will suddenly occur one day. It’s a scenario of planned human extinction. Next, the second stage takes place. After about two months of infection, the breathlessness subsides and the symptoms go away, but then periodontitis sets in. In other words, the teeth hurt. It doesn’t make sense. In my case, I am experiencing gingivitis on the upper and lower left side. Toothache, alveolar pyorrhea and painkillers are highly recommended as first aid in this case.

The subsequent COVID-19 stage is currently under investigation. No one knows what to do. It is in the research phase all over the world.

Ivermectin is a research reagent. We are in the clinical trial stage and we do not know how much medication is needed at this stage. To prevent diarrhea, administer ivermectin equivalent to 3 mg once every 2 weeks. We recommend that you go to the hospital if you feel unwell.

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Pain remains in the lungs and bronchi. Moreover, my gums hurt.


저는 Gems Ethan이고 Satraray의 EmpathPsychokinesisCountermeasure 연구 및 개발 전략 센터입니다. 중화 인민 공화국 국가 안보부의 비밀 수사 국 (Undercover Investigation Bureau) 회원 인 한 여성은 비밀 계획에 관한 지구 침략 계획에 관한 놀라운 사실이라고 말했다 .`` 세계 침공 계획 ''``구독 신청 ''클릭 . 지구상에서 나는이 행성에 남아있는 실제 인류의 실제 수를보고 있습니다. "구독"을 클릭하십시오. 취소 버튼이 아님 어쨌든 반복하십시오! 어쨌든, 다시 확인하십시오! 어쨌든 반복하십시오! 어쨌든, 다시 확인하십시오!

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