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Request the WHO to cooperate with us because we need to verify the facts.2020/10/3(psychic phenomena reords about Japan peoples/日本人がしている心霊現象ことの記録)

Something is wrong. In other words, I feel that a paranormal phenomenon that is not a physical or biological phenomenon in this world is occurring.
There is no doubt that it is happening. The Japanese hide it in a well-known manner.
Now, I’m searching for a cure for a new type of corovirus COVID-19 infection.
People infected with the SARS-CoV-2 corovirus think that the reason why they are so asymptomatic is that the origin of the hospital is wrong.
The virus may not be the cause of the infection in acute respiratory syndrome.

  1. Multiple people who do not contact anyone are infected.
  2. There are also reports that people who are repeatedly negative in PCR are the source of infection.
  3. There are some patients who are tested negative even if they are infected once, but there are many cases of re-infection after that.

The reality of this infectious disease cannot be understood without actually experiencing the symptoms. In other words, something is lurking in the body and the condition of cardiovascular disorders tends to be persistent.

US President Trump was admitted to a medical center near Washington, D.C. on the morning of March 3 (Japan time) after he was found to have been infected with a new coronavirus.

President Trump’s supporters gathered in front of the medical center in the evening. According to White House sources, his symptoms worsened overnight, including a high fever, and he decided to be hospitalized.

President Trump appeared to be stepping somewhat slower than usual as he left the White House just before 7:30 a.m. Japan time on March 3, although he was wearing a dark blue mask and gave a thumbs-up to the camera and waved his hands.

Later, when the helicopter arrived at the U.S. Army Medical Center near Washington, he disembarked, holding onto the railing while also showing room to talk to the pilot.

According to White House sources, President Trump decided to administer an unapproved medication and hospitalization after his symptoms worsened overnight and he developed a high fever.

Prior to his hospitalization, the president posted a video message on his Twitter page.

President Trump: “I want to thank you all for your tremendous support. Thank you so much. And I will never forget my thanks. Thank you.

The president says he wants to make sure that he is cured, but tensions are quickly rising in the area, with some people concerned about the seriousness of the disease.

This means that the presidents of the United Kingdom and the United States, the prime minister representing Japan, and other Brazilian prime ministers have been affected by infectious diseases. And they may also understand a little about what the reality is.
The real cause of this phenomenon is not a virus.

Telepath Psychokinesis Crisis Management Center, Life Safety Division (located at the Imperial Palace))心灵感应运动学对策研发策略中心(心灵感应精神动力学中央情报局:)Telepath Psychokinesis Countermeasure R & D Strategy Center
(Telepath Psychokinesis Central Intelligence Agency)

is rushing to identify the cause of what is asymptomatic.

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