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Request the WHO to cooperate with us because we need to verify the facts.2020/11/28(psychic phenomena reords about Japan peoples/日本人がしている心霊現象ことの記録)

The time will be November 28, 2020 AD.
Since last year, a mysterious infection have been spreading on a planetary level on earth.

A mysterious infectious disease is occurring on this planet called the Earth.

Since the various symptoms of viral colds, such as colds and flu, are often the same as,
The medical community suspects SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection.
In other words, many of the pathogens catching the common cold and these Pathogenic mechanisms of the common cold are also medically unknown,
and many of the so-called infected people seem to have caught a cold, including the flu, or have had a complication.
However, an increasing number of people with conditions that require hospitalization are presumed to be mainly dyspnea.
The cause is unknown.
Coronaviruses can be detected by PCR testing,
but more than half of those infected, or nearly all of them, are asymptomatic and healthy.
In particular, coronaviruses have been found to grow in the respiratory tracts of asymptomatic infected people.
Then, because coronaviruses also enter the bloodstream, blood tests are positive.

However, children under teenagers do not get sick and are asymptomatic even if they are infected and positive by PCR test.
As taking these facts into account, it is an unusual situation for a coronavirus to be a source of infection or this pathogen.

However, no other pathogen can be found with today’s modern science of human race.
The initial symptom is a cough caused by an inflammatory response in the airway, and also the sore throat persists for months to six months or more.

After a few days of initial symptoms, the patient experiences lung pain and difficulty breathing, similar to pneumonia.
Fearful levels of ventilators are required.
There is no fever to begin with.
These make it different from a common cold or flu.

I have seen scientific papers on COVID-19 infections around the world, but there is no scientific evidence that the vaccine currently under development has a molecular biological prophylactic or therapeutic effect on coronavirus.
There was also no medical evidence that the causative agent of the infection was the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.
Despite the search for all of the tens of thousands of existing chemicals that have been shown to be therapeutically effective, no one has clearly shown any improvement in symptoms.
There is a record that a vaccine of microorganisms detected in patients was administered to a viral infectious disease that was prevalent 100 years ago and its effectiveness was confirmed. In other words, it was an era when humans did not know the existence of viruses.
Russia has now announced that it has begun vaccination of more than 400,000 new coronaviruses in the armed forces.

Are you going to start in a space war?
The United States will begin vaccination of the elderly with a large-scale DNA vaccine next week, but it will need to be vaccinated against the subcutaneous tissue twice at intervals of two weeks. This is to increase the amount of antibody produced. If the increase in the number of patients with acute respiratory failure is not stopped one month after vaccination, the source of infection and the pathogen of the infection are wrong from the beginning.
I don’t know why there are so many people and no one tells the truth.
In Japan, phenomena such as psychic phenomena are occurring on a daily basis, and problems that cannot be spoken publicly in society and at home are occurring on a daily basis. Therefore, Japan is full of mentally ill people, regardless of age or gender. It can only be said that something invisible but transcendental is acting on the human cerebrum, but everyone is unconscious and seems to know nothing about what is really the cause, and investigates. I’m not doing anything.
As a phenomenon, it seems that he is conscious of himself almost all the time, and there is a mechanism that the other person’s brain senses the moment he sees or hears it on the radio or TV. It’s hard to think that I’m always conscious, but I don’t know anything because the person who is causing this phenomenon dies without saying anything. Even now, it’s always scary to think about when, where, and who excludes my private personal life. This is not an illness but a reality. You can’t tell who you’re communicating with just by looking at it, but all the calamities are caused by Japan.
I think the reason for the headache symptoms of this infection is not the sequelae, but the latent pathogens in the nervous system of the cerebrum. In the worst case, a retrovirus such as HIV hides in the human genome, so there is no cure after infection and only life-prolonging measures are available.
On the spot, humankind will disappear from the earth over the next hundreds of years.

Japan, in tokyo 2021 olynpic, more soon die

Coronaviruses are classified into 7 main types based on genetic differences.
It is doubtful that the coronavirus that China has taken from COVID-19 patients are a newly-emerging pathogen.

There are research reports of signs that it has been infecting humans from quite some old time.
The coronaviruses, known as SARS and MARS, which cause acute respiratory failure, are genetically compatible with less than 80 %
of the coronaviruses genome(RNA), and it may have a low genetic compatibility.
I don’t think it’s exactly similar, rather, it’s quite different.
Coronaviruses are infected when a glycoprotein called the coronavirus’ own spike protein specifically binds to the membrane proteins of epithelial mucosal cells.
CoronavirusesSARS-CoV-2 discovered by China have no binding domain of the spike protein that binds to this cell membrane protein on the outside from the analysis of the three-dimensional structure.
However, it seems to change its three-dimensional structure and bind to the cell’s membrane proteins when it attaches to the cell.

If this is considered scientifically commonsensical, this virus called as SARS-CoV-2 is considered to be less infectious than SARS coronaviruses.
But, the level of proliferation after intracellular entry is not known.

If PCR tests specifically detecting SARS-CoV-2coronaviruses are used, the number of infected people increases as the number of tests is increased.

In effect, since given the number of people that can be tested per day and also the cost involved, many countries would been only testing against the severely injured patients.
I do not know , How many people have a negative PCR test if when the focus is on those patients with moderate or severe disease?

A vaccine for coronaviruses would be a method of having the body create an antigen site that binds to antibodies.
In that case, the mechanism by which the antibodies and the antigen of SARS-CoV-2 bind to each other has not been published in general,
so no one knows these detail mechanism.
It may have been published in scientific papers, but generally no one reads and knows.
Human cells seem to have a mechanism for taking in genes(DNA or RNA), and then the genes in cells do not identify as a foreign matter.
Therefore, it seems that if these genes can be taken into the cell, a protein or a peptide of a protein fragment will be expressed.
However, the cell has a system of antigen presentation on the cell surface to recognize those proteins as foreign.
This means that when a cell is infected, the immune cells are instructed to destroy these cells.
Cancer cells are thought to have a similar mechanism.

However, now human peoples do not have the technology to force cells to produce some proteins that are artificially active because protein synthesis involves not only amino acid sequences, but also various enzymatic reactions that bind proteins together and modify with sugar chains, etc.
In other words, today’s vaccines will simply present a chunk of amino acid sequence to the cells.
I think the reason for storing such DNA vaccines at -70 degrees ℃ is that they utilize special polymeric micelles as vectors.
The structure of the polymeric micelles was designed so that they cannot maintain their structure for long at room temperature.
If it invades nerve or cardiac muscle cells in the body through the bloodstream, it is likely to result in severe damage or death.

Russia and the United Kingdom development of vaccines are using the adenovirus vectors, which are viruses for the common cold.
The targets of adenovirus vectors are primarily limited to the airway mucosa.
In both cases, the viruses are thought to be genetically altered
in advance
so that they do not proliferate after entering cells.
Even then, the antigen-presenting protein fragments are a cobbled together part of the coronavirus spike protein,
perhaps identifying a conserved antibody-binding portion of the cell-binding domain.
By neutralizing antibodies, as reported by the press, I think to mean antibodies that bind to this cell-binding domain.
The actual neutralizing antibodies need to bind to the pathogenic coronavirus.
Therefore, the preventive and therapeutic effects cannot be determined until inoculation is done on a planetary level.
However, since it is estimated that asymptomatic infected people comprise a significant portion of the world’s population, and
it is also unclear why many infected peoples are asymptomatic,
why asymptomatic infected people are the source of the disease,
and why no one under the age of teenagers develops the illness or disease.
There is no point in administering the vaccine without knowing why the disease develops and the physiological and medical pathogenesis of the severe disease.
Furthermore, the duration of the vaccine, called the antibody titer, is likely to be unsustainable at less than a few months.
Besides, even in multiple animals such as dogs and cats,
it has tested positive for PCR and can easily cross the species barrier between different animals and infect humans.
I don’t see the point of vaccination.
With the exception of Russia, private pharmaceutical companies are responsible for manufacturing and marketing in every country.
The reason for this is that they can easily expect to make huge profits on it that exceed the national budget.
Vaccines don’t seem to end once administered.

In any case, no one on the planet knows what the real infectious agent is. And no one knows the source of the infection or how it is transmitted.
The biggest mystery is that no one knows why some peoples develop the disease.

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