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Request the WHO to cooperate with us because we need to verify the facts.2020/11/5(psychic phenomena reords about Japan peoples/日本人がしている心霊現象ことの記録)

Right now, there is no medically probable cure medicines or cure methods for the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 that is occurring on this planet.
The mechanism and cause of the invisible mysterious pathogen
are unknown.
Moreover, its source and route cannot be also identified and remain unknown.

I think that asymptomatic infection peoples are the number one cause of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.
However, they are not ill, because they have no morbid symptoms. However, there are a wide range of symptoms of infectious diseases regardless of age, race, age or gender on earth.

The number of infected people is estimated to reach many animals, including almost all humans.

If you would be once infected, the coronavirus may be latent in the human body throughout life.
I don’t know the causal relationship with the onset of the disease,
but I feel that the presence or absence of immunity and underlying disease has little to do with it.

Calculating the time required to infect about 8 billion animals,
it means that all human beings are infected within just one minute.

Recently, 10 months after the spread of the infection, the World Health Organization WHO has announced that the pandemic is rising exponentially.

I thought this was because the virus was increasing at an accelerating rate in the cells of the human body.
In other words, the virus’s ability to multiply and infect is becoming malignant.

Taking the influenza virus , as an example, the epidemiological distribution of infectious diseases usually shows.
being the shape of a normal distribution.
The principle of virus extinction is
This is because the virus tends to be attenuated by repeating mutations due to intracellular proliferation, rather than the immune function involved in the infection.

In other words, things that are shaped according to the thermodynamic laws of this world tend to collapse.
Considering the thermodynamic knowledge of this universe, the new coronavirus has an abnormality in the RNA polymerase calibration mechanism.
If mutations and recombination occur frequently, it is thought that the substances that make up the body of the virus should also spontaneously decay and weaken.

However, in reality, it seems that the coronavirus is exacerbated in a very short period of time.

Please note that this is similar to the growth of cancer cells.
In other words, cancer stem cells, which are the parents of cancer cells, are widely distributed in tissues and organs, and their abundance ratio is extremely low.
It is difficult to treat due to repeated division.

A medical finding in the early stages of this infection is sore throat.
This is a persistent inflammatory response.

The cause of the disease is unknown, but the lack of any cure or drug is considered to be a major public health problem.

The symptoms of the infection are mainly asymptomatic and not ill because there are no pathological symptoms.
However, there are a wide variety of infectious disease symptoms regardless of age, race, age or gender.

From the beginning, the causative agent of this COVID-19 infection may not be the coronavirus, but some other invisible object or phenomenon.

The clinical features of the new coronavirus infection are centered on respiratory symptoms.
Symptoms of sore throat and cough are present in the early stages after infection.
In the early stages after infection, if there is no fever or if there is fever, there may be taste and smell disorders.
The cause of each is unknown.
Probably because of an inflammatory reaction in multiple tissues and organs.
After that, it is unclear whether it is a persistent chronic infection or what can be called a sequela, but long-term respiratory and digestive disorders are observed.

11月4日、英国の科学者などが行った研究で、新型コロナウイルスに感染して死亡した患者の大半で肺に治りにくい広範な損傷が見られたことが分かった。写真は新型コロナウイルス感染者の肺のレントゲン写真。テキサス州ヒューストンの病院で7月撮影(2020年 ロイター/Callaghan O’Hare)(ロイター)
A study conducted by British scientists and others on November 4 found that most of the patients who died from the new coronavirus had extensive lung damage that was difficult to heal. The photo is an X-ray of the lungs of a person infected with the new coronavirus. Taken in July at a hospital in Houston, Texas (2020 Reuters / Callaghan O’Hare) (Reuters)
[London, 4th Reuters] -A study conducted by British scientists and others found that most of the patients who died from the new coronavirus had extensive lung damage that was difficult to heal. It is known that the new corona is called ” long COVID ” in which symptoms last for several months in a small number of patients, and this discovery may lead to the elucidation of the cause. The scientists who conducted the study also discovered the unique characteristics of the virus that causes the new coronavirus infection. Professor Mauro Jacka of King’s College London, who co-directed the study, said, “The results of this study are that the new coronavirus infection is not a simple disease caused by the death of virus-infected cells, but these abnormal cells. Is likely to be caused by the long-term retention inside the lungs. ” The research team analyzed lung, heart, liver and kidney cell samples from 41 patients who died at the University of Trieste Hospital in Italy from February to April this year. According to Jacka, there were no obvious signs of viral infection or long-term inflammation in organs other than the lungs. However, “the structure of the lungs was destroyed very extensively,” and normal cells “almost all were replaced by scar tissue,” he said. The study also found that the new coronavirus remains in many types of cells. The research results were published in the medical journal “Lancet e Biomedicine”. “The presence of these cells infected with the new coronavirus can cause major structural changes in the lungs that can lead to prolonged symptoms that last for weeks or months,” Jacka said. ..

Lung damage found in COVID dead may shed light on ‘long COVID’ – study, By Kate Kelland

LONDON (Reuters) – A study of the lungs of people who have died from COVID-19 has found persistent and extensive lung damage in most cases and may help doctors understand what is behind a syndrome known as ‘long COVID’, in which patients suffer ongoing symptoms for months.

FILE PHOTO: An X-ray of a COVID-19 patient’s lungs at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, U.S., July 10, 2020. REUTERS/Callaghan O’Hare/File Photo
Scientists leading the research said they also found some unique characteristics of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, which may explain why it is able to inflict such harm.

“The findings indicate that COVID-19 is not simply a disease caused by the death of virus-infected cells, but is likely the consequence of these abnormal cells persisting for long periods inside the lungs,” said Mauro Giacca, a professor at King’s College London who co-led the work.

The research team analysed samples of tissue from the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys of 41 patients who died of COVID-19 at Italy’s University Hospital of Trieste between February and April 2020.

In a telephone interview, Giacca said that, while his research team found no overt signs of viral infection or prolonged inflammation in other organs, they discovered “really vast destruction of the architecture of the lungs”, with healthy tissue “almost completely substituted by scar tissue”.



“It could very well be envisaged that one of the reasons why there are cases of long COVID is because there is vast destruction of lung (tissue),” he told Reuters. “Even if someone recovers from COVID, the damage that is done could be massive.”

Growing evidence from around the world suggests that a small proportion of people who have had COVID-19 and recovered from their initial infection can experience a range of ongoing symptoms including fatigue, brain fog and shortness of breath. The condition is often called “long COVID”.

Giacca said almost 90% of the 41 patients had several characteristics unique to COVID-19 compared to other forms of pneumonia.


One was that patients had extensive blood clotting of the lung arteries and veins. Another was that some lung cells were abnormally large and had many nuclei – a result of the fusion of different cells into single large cells in a process known as syncytia.

The research, published in the journal Lancet eBioMedicine, also found the virus itself was still present in many types of cells.

“The presence of these infected cells can cause the major structural changes observed in lungs, which can persist for several weeks or months and could eventually explain ‘long COVID’,”


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