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Request the WHO to cooperate with us because we need to verify the facts.2020/12/12(psychic phenomena reords about Japan peoples/日本人がしている心霊現象ことの記録)

I decided to say the first and most important warning bell of humankind first, and decided to record it like the golden record of the unmanned planetary probe Voyager

Try again, and do all over again
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The test for influenza infection is an antibody test by collecting blood. However, the new corona test takes a sample from the runny nose.
This is because it is likely that no pathogen will be detected in the blood.
In other words, it is presumed that even if a pathogen invades the blood from the airway mucosa, it is below the detection limit.

What is the cause of this difference?

Trend in the number of inpatients in the United States.
The number of deaths and the number of inpatients start at the same time although when the counties border is blocked, among Eossia, Korea, Japan, and USA

Immunity includes innate immunity and acquired immunity.
There should be innate immunity to the saliva component. It is the result of the survival of people with genetic structures that survived over the reproductive age in the evolutionary history of the primitive Neanderthals, which dates back to ancient life.
However, it is thought that the state of preventing the invasion of pathogens continues according to the accidental stochastic distribution.
Simply put, mutations with structural mutations in pathogens amount to enormous amounts equal to infinity.
This is a phenomenon based on Darwinian evolution.

I think that pathogen infection follows an accidental stochastic distribution by genetic modification.
In other words, if you take the probability distribution when you throw a coin unconsciously and carelessly, it is a quantum teleportation phenomenon that is always even.
Vaccines are acquired immunity.
When it is administered to the subcutaneous tissue, it enters the blood and circulates.
However, there are many uncertainties because the pathogen is unknown and the source and route of infection are unknown, but in any case, the first infection is in the nasal cavity or respiratory tract.
Based on the findings of infectious diseases so far, all are asymptomatic and healthy after being infected with the new coronavirus.
The mysterious pathogen has a structure that does not easily invade mucosal epithelial cells, and is thought to have pathological characteristics that make it difficult to invade blood.
I vaccinated and thought it didn’t make any sense.
The body of the organism is well-made, with ciliary movements in the airways and lungs that go up the airways with saliva and are excreted from the esophagus without spitting it out, most of the time it reaches the inside of the stomach. The pathogen becomes inactive.

The first inflammatory response is the airways. Then there is a strong inflammatory reaction inside the lungs and over a wide area of ​​the stomach from the esophagus.
This means that pathogens are less likely to invade cells, but have extremely high proliferative potential and very high mutation rates after invasion of cells.
However, the expression level of the target protein on the cell side required for cell invasion, individual differences in the genetic structure of mucosal tissue, and allergic factors may cause a cold, become severe to pneumonia, or be asymptomatic. I have decided what it is.
And, unlike influenza virus, it is unlikely to enter the blood, and I feel that it has the property of increasing while expanding the surface of the airway mucosa.
It should also be taken into account that the pathogen is not a coronavirus.

Unidentified flying object
Appearring in Japan 2020.12.10

Those objects both move up and down, and horizontally,
but the propulsion force is unknown,
If more and more people have a sore throat nowaday,
the air on earth may be polluted.
I do not know what the infectious agent is, but targeting is the epithelial mucosal cells of the respiratory system.

It is unknown why everyone is healthy and asymptomatic when the coronavirus is detected. However, there is no doubt that it has increased to the extent that an inflammatory reaction does not occur.
A strong inflammatory reaction in the airways, esophagus, lungs, and stomach and acute respiratory failure often do not cause fever because the virus does not enter the blood.

It doesn’t know what the pathogen is, but after it invades the cell, it changes the structure of the normal cell and becomes an abnormal cell. After that, the mechanism of suppressing immunity is unknown, but it is thought that immune runaway will occur due to its very high proliferative capacity and mutagenesis.
Because the virus spreads mucosal cells after proliferation so as to spread over the surface from the lower layer
As a future scenario, we have come to the conclusion that vaccination will increase the number of corona-positive individuals, as well as the number of hospitalized patients and corpses.
If there is any medical or biological mistake in this view, please let me know.

I am convinced that people all over the world are completely different in their perception of pathogens.
Even if I wear a mask, my throat hurts very much every time I go out in the building.

The virus is detected in the blood of 15-40% of patients with symptoms diagnosed with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
Coronavirus is considered to be a pathogen resident in saliva produced by the epithelial mucosa of the respiratory system due to an accidental probabilistic distribution that depends on the three-dimensional structure of sugar chain proteins in the cell binding domain rather than gene mutation.
It varies from individual to individual and depends on the innate immune system.
The new coronavirus has a structure with low infectivity to cells. However, it is believed that they can escape the innate immune system and invade cells. At this time, it was concluded that the incidence rate was kept low because the receptor protein of the target cells was low in children.
Saliva and lightness discharged into the respiratory tract and lungs are exhaled from the respiratory tract to the esophagus and outside the body.
It was found that the new coronavirus has a histopathological feature that causes an inflammatory reaction by infecting epithelial mucosal cells in a wide range in the horizontal direction rather than penetrating blood vessels and circulating in the body after infection.
However, it does not rule out that the pathogen may be another infectious agent that is not the new coronavirus. Rather, there is no consistency due to the fact that many people are infected with PCR positive reactions and are asymptomatic, and that the number of patients and deaths are increasing worldwide with the border closed.
I am convinced that there is another infectious agent, unlike the ideas of scientists and politicians around the world.
In other words, the new coronavirus vaccine being developed by China and the United States has no medical basis for its preventive effect, so to speak, it is just a tool for making money for huge corporate profits and tax revenues.


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