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Request the WHO to cooperate with us because we need to verify the facts.2020/12/27(psychic phenomena reords about Japan peoples/日本人がしている心霊現象ことの記録)

Details of Operation Warp Speed ​​in the United States have been revealed.
From the beginning, the pathogen is unknown, the source of infection and the route of infection are unknown, and the responsibility is blamed for the coronavirus, and the situation is settled.
To put it simply, pathogens cannot be identified by current science. The immune system also does not recognize it as an object.
However, infectious diseases that use saliva as an infection route have occurred. This is a certain fact.
The developed vaccine does not even have any protective effect against coronavirus from the beginning. However, as new methods are used on a trial basis, vaccination is more of a clinical trial or a human experiment to check for side effects and toxicity than prevention. The method of utilizing polymer micelles as an in vivo delivery substance of some substance may be applicable to future clinical applications of medicine.
Only a limited number of people can understand it scientifically, and most people have less intelligence than monkeys.
When the virus becomes highly lethal due to mutation, it self-destructs with the host and disappears.
Therefore, most viruses, rather than multiple,
It is thought that they are hiding in animals and making them hiding, assimilating or nesting.
I don’t understand why there is a correlation between the tendency to increase the number of coronavirus-positive people and the tendency to increase the number of corpses.
As for the severity, no one knows what the pathological symptoms mean.
Whether the symptom is due to a vascular disorder such as arteriosclerosis, pneumonia, or a digestive system disorder such as an ulcer, the number of patients is increasing with multiple diseases mixed, so what is the cause? I don’t know.
Although not officially announced, the only thing that is common worldwide is that the only seriously injured people who are transported to the intensive care unit of a hospital are the elderly aged 65 and over.
In the future, if the United States works to cover up the situation in the same way as China, the phenomenon of infectious diseases will disappear and it will be a mere treatment for diseases of unknown cause.
He will be hospitalized and treated with antibiotics and other standard treatments for the treatment of organ damage caused by deterioration of organ function due to aging and infection with multiple viruses and bacteria.
The cause remains unknown, and most of the symptoms are likely to heal spontaneously with the infusion of existing drugs.
There is no answer to that.
By next spring, if you don’t do everything, you won’t be able to follow up on mysterious infections.
Since the symptoms are completely different from person to person, it is not clear even if the number of hospitalized patients is tracked and examined. Also, no one knows if the PCR-positive person stops the test. It feels like syphilis or HIV, which is a sexually transmitted disease. It means that you should check for yourself if you are infected.
Every year, it may feel like the flu. However, as the number of people who develop acute respiratory failure continues to increase, it is not possible to develop a therapeutic drug because the pathogen of the infectious disease is completely unknown.
Vaccines that use the Russian adenovirus vector have many uncertainties as to which cell the vector invades. Neurological disorders will occur when entering cells of the central nervous system. Invasion of cardiomyocytes may result in cardiac arrest.
The domestic situation in Russia remains uncertain. Nobody goes to Russia, no one comes from Russia, and no one understands the language, so no one is interested in what happens to Russia.
China is also vaccinated, but it probably has no effect. Just to make money, they are promoting a fake product that is meaningless and ineffective and selling it to Southeast Asian countries such as Arab countries, Brazil, and Indonesians, mainly in poor countries.
In the United States, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and others have contracts with Japan in the hundreds of millions.
It is more important that there is no toxicity or side effects than a preventive effect, and this is the only clinical trial. This vaccine has no preventive or curative effect.
If it can be sold at the world level, it will be cashed in billions of dollars every month. Of course, it becomes US tax revenue and is an important strategy for national interest.
Therefore, no one knows what they are doing or what they have developed, no one knows, and since the vaccine is controlled at the national level, there is no published record anywhere.
That is, no one knows what any vaccine really is.
The problem is that other people aren’t dying, but it’s okay if the morbid symptoms they’re sick are cured.
It’s not pneumonia, but esophagus and gastritis. In the future, inflammation of blood vessels will be left untouched.
Presumably, the pathogen rises upward from the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract as a pale substance, and spreads the infection over a wide area in the direction of the esophagus and stomach.
Both are persistently accompanied by a foreign body sensation and inflammatory pain. However, it is puzzling that he is asymptomatic for only a few hours when he wakes up.
It’s a mystery, and the answer to it will last forever, no one will look anywhere.
So it’s faster to take action than to think.
This is because in Japan, there is a word that life wins when you laugh.
The Japanese are more concerned about what they are doing than about infectious diseases. It’s just because they are bullied if they don’t behave in the same way.
Almost all Japanese, young and old, are asymptomatic like perfect artificial robots, incarnated, and incarnated like demons who suddenly laugh at the funeral. ..

In conclusion, what kind of illness does an infectious disease cause? I don’t even know what will happen in the future.
For example, I have a sore esophagus and stomach. The cause is unknown, but it is caused by an infectious disease.

Even if he is admitted to the hospital, the cause is unknown and no tests are performed. As a symptom relief measure, the basic response is to follow up with anti-nausea and intravenous administration of painkillers.

Therefore, it is not possible to easily compare the number of inpatients and the number of infected people in a country.
How many humans live in a country each year, and how many corpses are confirmed each year?
And how many newborn babies are born …
There is no choice but to confirm the number as soon as the final demographic data is compiled.
From a global perspective, there are many unclear points about what has happened and how many people have died due to mysterious and mysterious infectious diseases in each country.
In other words, no one knows what is happening until a year or two, not now.
If humanity remains intellect and posterity, in the near future,
In particular, the mortality rate of the younger generation is on the rise, and the age distribution of corpses tends to gradually decline, and if this continues, some people may notice that something unusual is happening. ..
In this Year 2020,
Now, humankind has put together the wisdom of modern science to do what it can.
We, human race investigated the pathogen of a common cold called coronavirus.
So, That’s only it.
What has become clear as a result is, simply put,
in conclusion, there is nothing that can be called a mass of mutations that is neither regular nor constant.
All follow the thermodynamic rules of this world and follow an accidental probability distribution, or else there is nothing as an object from the beginning.

That is the final conclusion.


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