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Request the WHO to cooperate with us because we need to verify the facts.2021/1/1(psychic phenomena reords about Japan peoples/日本人がしている心霊現象ことの記録)

No one can escape from this phenomenon. There is no escape in this world where you live.
There is no any way out of those something else, like a ghost,
as long as you are alive, and all sometimes unintentional
There is no escape or escape in this phenomenon. All borders are closed.
There is no escape, no an exit, any exit in this living world
Similar to the Pacific War of World War II, those who do not follow the instructions of the country are treated as national bandits.
Will be executed. Generally, you can either cut off with a sword or
The warhead penetrates the temple of the head with a pistol and dies instantly.

How many people were infected in Tokyo on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2021. It is 783 cases a day, and the death number, 3292 peoples
How many people are infected in Japan? It is 4540 cases a day,
I don’t know why there are so many infected people in Tokyo.
And no one knows who the infected person is and what the illness is.
With regard to infectious diseases, everything is concealed at the national level.
What is the number of infected people in the United States today?
It is 230982 a day,
How many corpses will be there? the death number is 346037 in total
If this number is on the rise one month after today, the vaccine will not work.
Also, the pathogens will be clearly different.
I can’t predict what will happen after that.


저는 Gems Ethan이고 Satraray의 EmpathPsychokinesisCountermeasure 연구 및 개발 전략 센터입니다. 중화 인민 공화국 국가 안보부의 비밀 수사 국 (Undercover Investigation Bureau) 회원 인 한 여성은 비밀 계획에 관한 지구 침략 계획에 관한 놀라운 사실이라고 말했다 .`` 세계 침공 계획 ''``구독 신청 ''클릭 . 지구상에서 나는이 행성에 남아있는 실제 인류의 실제 수를보고 있습니다. "구독"을 클릭하십시오. 취소 버튼이 아님 어쨌든 반복하십시오! 어쨌든, 다시 확인하십시오! 어쨌든 반복하십시오! 어쨌든, 다시 확인하십시오!

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