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Request the WHO to cooperate with us because we need to verify the facts.2021/1/21(psychic phenomena reords about Japan peoples/日本人がしている心霊現象ことの記録)

Symptoms of the disease are similar to HIV-persistent perpesvirus-like chronic infections and are thought to be abnormal at the microstructure level of cells throughout the body. So far, no one knows if the pathogen of an infectious disease is a living organism or a substance. However, it may be an object that does not exist in this world. Moreover, it utilizes human ganglia, nerve cells, and reproductive organs as latent destinations.

Check Mate ; death number simulation at gloval level

For infections or unknown phenomena with airway epithelial pain and acute pneumonia as early symptoms
There was no regularity or law. However, there are complicated fluctuations.
In short, differences such as medical individual differences are irrelevant, and there is no fixed standard for symptoms. Without a ventilator without knowing what the illness is, he will eventually die of multiple organ failure within a week.

At the planetary level, disinfecting with human-to-human social distances and organic solvents as in normal biological infections, or blocking the spread of residents with urban blockades, completely different locations and regions. The onset of illness suddenly begins, and the tendency for more patients to be taken to hospitals continues.
Human beings have been exposed to the attack of biological weapons for about a year since last year, and tried to block the border, wear masks, and thoroughly disinfect, but this phenomenon only became malignant. There is. Furthermore, mysteriously, the number of infections caused by influenza virus has disappeared due to monsoon infections.
The measures against infectious diseases on a planetary scale have been successful.
To put it the other way around, the cause of this phenomenon is more like an object that immunity does not recognize, rather than a living organism, and there is no escape or escape route in this world.
There is no age, gender, or race specificity in this phenomenon.
Even if you evacuate to the space station to hide in the shelter, you may get infected and have symptoms.
In this case, once the coronavirus is considered to be an unrelated infectious agent, 10 to 100 people develop and die in less than 10% of cities with a population of 100,000 per day. Patients with severe illness are equipped with ventilators or devices that deliver oxygen directly to the blood in the intensive care unit, and most are only life-prolonging, anyway like sepsis within a month. Die in a bad condition.
The problem here is what will happen to the extinction of humankind and the life expectancy of human beings in the future.
There are many telepathic phenomena that can instantly transcend space to sense cerebral mind-like signals or brainwash, but in any case, we know that the future is unpredictable. There is.
I don’t know if there is no partner, but there are several unsolved cases and unsolved phenomena in this world. We are confirming that as a real experience.
Perhaps the other person knows that too. Therefore, it seems that this phenomenon is devised so that there is no epidemiological regularity from the beginning to the end.

Now, the Japanese are not in wartime, but they are in a state like the past World War II. In other words, no one undergoes a PCR test, except for the elderly who have already retired.
That also applies to children.
As long as there is a thinking pattern of infectious diseases, the social impact and damage of positive people is the most important issue.
In addition, for countries such as the United States and China, which do not have a public health insurance system, few people can afford to pay for intensive care units.

In any case, the Japanese can only say that they are prepared to die if they get an infectious disease before they commit suicide.
Because the recovery period of this infectious disease and the period required for life extension measures are as long as one month or more.
Intensive care units and infectious disease wards in major urban areas of each country are already full.
Therefore, even if they lose consciousness and are transported by emergency, there are many cases where they die on the way. The corpse is counted as positive by PCR testing.
If the PCR test is negative, it will not be reported. Doctors write that the cause of death is sudden death or misconduct or viral pneumonia. After that, the system has become a system for cremation procedures at the government office.
Therefore, the statistical data of infected people and fatalities is incoherent, and the upper and lower limits fluctuate drastically. Looking at the average value per week, there is an upward trend. The mystery is that it correlates with the detection of coronavirus.
This is data that the coronavirus infects and parasitizes many humans in winter and summer, or hides in multiple animals such as humans from the beginning, although the source and route of infection are unknown. ing.

If coronavirus is not involved from the beginning, it is consistent with the result that nucleic acid analogs and RNA polymerase inhibitors are not therapeutically effective.


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